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Why should retailers launch online stores?

During times of protracted turbulence, it is vital for retailers to look for new ways to attract and retain customers. To stand out in the competitive environment, it is necessary to increase the amount of ways to contact clients. Customer expectations rise with every passing year. They expect to interact with retailers, marketplaces and brands online and expect this interaction to be exceptional.

To “surround” the customer with high-quality services, retailers must offer modern interaction tools. The Retano E-commerce online store management system helps offline retailers develop e-commerce and enjoy all the benefits of omnichannel interactions with customers.



Price management for every sales channel

The prices must stay relevant and consistent across all channels. It is exceedingly easy to lose customers’ trust by simply not aligning prices on same products in different channels.

The Retano E-commerce system is easily integrated with Retano Loyalty and Retano ERP. With Retano E-commerce, retailers don’t need to worry that prices for the same products in different channels don’t match during promotions and product reevaluations.

At the same time, special reward programs can be organized for the digital channel’s customers, in order to encourage them to make more purchases on the website. Customers can accumulate bonus points for online purchases, and pay with them both in offline and online stores.

Propper catalog organization

The catalog must be structured with customers in mind. They should be able to navigate it effortlessly. Beyond that, products must be documented and presented properly. Product descriptions must be full, product properties must be presented at a large spectrum within the product description to tailor recommendations for every individual customer. 

Centralized order management for all sales channels

The automated order management system (OMS) allows retailers to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. Aggressive marketing strategies common in e-commerce generate sales peaks, which create a substantial strain on the logistics of the company.

Stock management and transaction transparency

Tracking the order at all stages of processing – from the formation on the site to the door of the customer. Customers can see the status of the order on the website, receive it by e-mail, or through the call center.

Automated registration and order fulfillment

With Retano Ecommerce OMS, retailers will be able to fulfill orders with maximum efficiency, and customers will be able to receive the order at their convenience: by courier to home, in a store, or a collect point.

Enhanced User Experience

Customers always expect an instant solution to their problems from the call center. In a single interface, retailer’s specialists see the user data and all the necessary information about the order, down to the stage of order picking or delivery to resolve any possible issues. For example, retailers can  proactively communicate  with the client on the stage of order picking to settle product replacement or reschedule to fulfill customer’s order.

Click&Collect — solve the problem of the last mile

With Click & Сollect clients can pick up assembled orders at retailers’ offline stores or collect points. For Click & Collect to work properly, it is important that the online store sends the time and the contents of the order to a specified offline store, and the store employees are motivated to assemble the order on time.

The popularity of product delivery to collect points is growing each year. This implementation of the Click & Collect principle is convenient for customers who don’t want to visit the sales space, communicate with cashiers or contact other people. 

Retano Ecommerce allocates orders in collect points according to their product requirements, such as temperature, weight and volume, which optimizes the cost of the last mile.

Reducing manual data entry

Retano Ecommerce provides a special interface for couriers, where they can record order completion upon delivery. If a customer decides to pay by card, then the customer’s account is charged at the moment of the delivery. The system closes orders automatically, relieving operators of the routine work at the end of the day.

Adaptability and ergonomics

Any website designed for mass use should work equally well both on the desktop, smartphones, and tablets. The online store is built on the leading content management system, which supports adaptability and allows you to quickly launch e-commerce.

In the personal section, customers can place a new order, review an old order, and choose the time and method of the delivery: home delivery, self-pickup from the store, or a collect point. E-commerce also provides a functional administrative section to manage online store’s look to reflect promos and special events. The solution allows to boost relevant products through various tools, like promo banners or search engine optimization.


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