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Blog > Italian GeD launches the Loyalty System transformation project with Retano

Italian GeD launches the Loyalty System transformation project with Retano

    GeD Shopping, a distinguished Sicilian retailer (Italy) boasting 40 stores across the province of Palermo, has chosen the integrated Retano Loyalty platform to digitize its loyalty management system. This advanced solution includes a specialized mobile application and leverages the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis. This innovative step signifies a substantial advancement for the chain, renowned for its unwavering dedication to offering premium products and surpassing customer expectations. With the implementation of the Retano loyalty platform, GeD Shopping aims to further enhance the customer experience by providing personalized benefits and exclusive promotions.

    Retano Loyalty&CRM is a marketing solution designed to help retailers establish effective and personalized communication with their customers. The system enhances customer loyalty, manages the customer database, and implements loyalty programs of any complexity and scale. It includes a wide range of features such as point collection, limited-time discounts, and simultaneous accumulation schemes.

    The analytical tools of Retano BigData&AI significantly enhance loyalty management capabilities. By processing large volumes of data, the system assists GeD Shopping in generating comprehensive customer profiles and gaining a deeper understanding of customer behavior. BigData analysis provides a wide array of methods for segmenting the customer base, evaluating loyalty programs, and facilitating effective communication with customers. AI algorithms identify customer preferences and product relationships, predict customer churn, and support retailers in analyzing the customer lifecycle.

    Retano Loyalty&CRM Mobile App will enable GeD Shopping to establish closer connections with its customers, maintaining continuous engagement through modern and cost-effective tools such as push notifications. This strategy not only enhances the customer experience but also provides convenience and cost savings for the retailer by transitioning to digital loyalty cards. This shift represents another stride toward corporate sustainability by reducing plastic usage.

    Example of a standard interface of Retano Loyalty&CRM mobile app

    The adoption of the Retano Loyalty Platform represents a pivotal moment in GeD Shopping’s strategy to remain at the forefront of the retail sector and further fortify its relationship with its customer.

    The implementation of Retano Loyalty Platform at GeD Shopping is being carried out in collaboration with eVision Srl, a Retano partner since 2022.

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