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Retano ERP

Retano ERP is an industry-specific solution for retail management automation, catering to Grocery, FMCG, Droggery, DIY, and Household retailers of all sizes. It optimizes merchandising tasks, freeing up time for strategic goals.

The basics of high-quality management

Validated Master-data

The Retano ERP solution offers comprehensive master data input tools that cater to the specific needs of retailers. The system is designed to prevent the input of duplicated or incorrect SKUs, barcodes, and other item attributes or objects. By ensuring accurate master data, the system enhances the precision of analytics, forecasts, order quality, and transactional data across distribution centers, stores, and online channels. This accuracy contributes to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Centralized control for regular activities

The business process mechanisms within Retano ERP enable users to structure and control operations by creating predefined chains of steps and rules. These mechanisms provide real-time monitoring of the current execution stage for each process. At any given moment, executives can access information about active business processes, including the progress of each process instance and the assigned user responsible for each task. This ensures consistency in user actions, enhances systemization, and improves transparency within business processes.


More details
  • Range generation based on segments and store parameters: shelf size, location, etc.
  • Store clusters by category / format to align with commercial strategy
  • Unlimited variants and attributes setup for easy and effective range management
  • Approval of new items via store cluster strategy by product attributes
More details
  • Tailored pricing guidelines considering brands, store formats, product categories, and competitive landscape
  • Automated pricing guidelines configuration based on KVI basket control, target category margin, competitors’ prices, regulatory rules, and markup strategies
  • Price rounding guidelines
  • Control and coordination of pricing guidelines
  • Automated selling price calculation based on selected pricing strategy
  • Automated price suggestions on cost change
  • Regular, promo and clearance pricing
More details
  • Marketing event planning
  • Marketing event budget formation
  • Promotion effectiveness analysis
  • Competitor list for each store by category
  • Competitor pricing monitoring
  • Mechanisms for gathering product range expansion suggestions

More details
  • Cost of finished products and production warehouse replenishment
  • Development of production technology maps
  • Planning and production of new products
  • Ingredient quantity calculation
  • Control of the production of finished products
  • Plan/fact analysis
More details
  • Control of import supplies
  • Centralized supplier relationships
  • Contract payment calculation
  • Various payment terms for products: prepayment, post-payment, etc.
  • Automated debt and prepayment payments
  • Trade management
  • Supplier and Vendor Deals Management
More details
  • Automatic ordering parameters master
  • Order calculation scheduling for stores and DCs
  • Manual Ordering
  • Order consolidation by supplier. «Cross-docking» & «Pick-by-line»
  • Order dispatching (EDI, email, etc)
  • Order confirmation and ASN management
  • Order closing automation settings
More details
  • The omnichannel order management system (OMS) for fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Tracking the order at all stages of processing – from the formation on the site to the door of the customer.
  • Relevant and consistent prices in all channels.
  • Various order delivery options, including: click&collect, to the store, to customers home, to pick-up points


Italian GeD launches the Loyalty System transformation project with Retano

GeD Shopping, a distinguished Sicilian retailer (Italy) boasting 40 stores across the province of Palermo, has chosen the integrated Retano Loyalty platform to digitize its loyalty management system. This advanced solution includes a specialized mobile application and leverages the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis. This innovative step signifies a substantial advancement for… Read More »Italian GeD launches the Loyalty System transformation project with Retano

How to reduce labor costs in planogram creation for large and medium-sized Retailers: Experience of SPAR (Eastern Europe) with Retano Shelfspace

The effective management of store layout is one of the most complex and costly processes. Therefore, a retailer operating under the SPAR brand in one of the Eastern European countries (with over 500 stores and a turnover of €1.5 billion) has opted to implement the Retano Shelfspace management system. As a major market player, continuously… Read More »How to reduce labor costs in planogram creation for large and medium-sized Retailers: Experience of SPAR (Eastern Europe) with Retano Shelfspace

Retano’s Software officially registered in Brazil

We are thrilled to announce that Retano’s software products have been officially certified and registered by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) in Brazil. This Certificate of Registration for Computer Programs signifies a significant milestone for our company and underscores our commitment to innovation and quality. Key Highlights: Legal Recognition: Our software is now… Read More »Retano’s Software officially registered in Brazil

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