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Retano ERP

Retano ERP is an industry-specific solution for retail management automation, catering to Grocery, FMCG, Droggery, DIY, and Household retailers of all sizes. It optimizes merchandising tasks, freeing up time for strategic goals.

The basics of high-quality management

Validated Master-data

The Retano ERP solution offers comprehensive master data input tools that cater to the specific needs of retailers. The system is designed to prevent the input of duplicated or incorrect SKUs, barcodes, and other item attributes or objects. By ensuring accurate master data, the system enhances the precision of analytics, forecasts, order quality, and transactional data across distribution centers, stores, and online channels. This accuracy contributes to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Centralized control for regular activities

The business process mechanisms within Retano ERP enable users to structure and control operations by creating predefined chains of steps and rules. These mechanisms provide real-time monitoring of the current execution stage for each process. At any given moment, executives can access information about active business processes, including the progress of each process instance and the assigned user responsible for each task. This ensures consistency in user actions, enhances systemization, and improves transparency within business processes.


More details
  • Range generation based on segments (store parameters): shelf size, location, etc.
  • The sets of segments in the system bind to store formats. Formats, in turn, bind to the specific store.
  • Retano ERP provides retailers with unlimited variants and property sets for range management. By automating the management process, retailers can easily and effectively handle their product ranges. The system streamlines operations, simplifying range management tasks and ensuring a seamless and efficient process.
More details
  • Retano ERP provides customizable pricing guidelines based on brands, store formats, product categories, and the competitive environment. This flexibility allows retailers to establish effective pricing strategies tailored to their business needs.
  • Adjusting the guidelines of automated pricing, using parameters such as: KVI basket control, target category margin, competitors’ prices, regulation related rules, markup on the buying price, markup on net cost, markup on current price, etc.
  • Creating price rounding guidelines
  • Control and coordination of pricing guidelines
  • The automatic calculation of the selling price based on the chosen pricing strategy
  • Automated changing of prices and price tags for reevaluated products
  • Regular, promo and clearance pricing
More details
  • Retano ERP includes features for studying customers through the use of questionnaires for both customers and employees. The system enables retailers to gather valuable feedback and insights to understand customer preferences and improve their offerings.
  • Additionally, Retano ERP provides the option to issue discount cards to customers as an incentive for completing questionnaires. This encourages customer engagement and participation while providing retailers with valuable data for decision-making and enhancing the customer experience.
  • The planning of marketing events
  • Forming the budgets for marketing events
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing promotions
  • Competitors’ price dynamics control and comparison with own prices
  • A list of competitors for every store
  • Mechanisms gathering suggestions for product range expansion

More details
  • Cost of the finished products, replenishment of production’s warehouses
  • Creation of production’s technological maps
  • Planning and production of new products
  • Calculation of required number of ingredients
  • Control of the production of finished products
  • Plan vs fact analysis
More details
  • Centralized relationships with suppliers
  • The calculation of contract payments
  • Different payment conditions for products: prepayment, post payment, etc.
  • Automated payments of debts and prepayments
  • Trade management
More details
  • Consolidated management reports for financial resources
  • The formation of individual cash flow sets
  • Records of factual operations and cash flow by cost center
  • Accounting and planning in the incision of company’s balance
  • Forecast of gaps in the cash flow
  • Planning of financial movements for different scenarios
  • Automation of the main financial stages of budgeting
  • Expenses budget control


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