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Retano ERP

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Retano ERP is an industry-specific solution for retail management automation suitable for Grocery, FMCG, Droggery, DIY, and Household retailers of any size.

Retano solution reduces the amount of time merchandising professionals spend on routine tasks and frees up more time to focus on strategic business goals.

Basics of the high-quality management

Validated Master-data

Retano ERP solution has all master data input tools the retailer can need. The system prevents the input of duplicated or incorrect SKUs, barcodes and other items attributes or objects. Accurate master-data increases the accuracy of analytics, forecasts, quality of orders and ensures that transactional data in DC-Store-internet stores is correct.

Controlled processes

Business processes mechanisms allow users to mold elementary operations into controlled chains of steps and rules capable of monitoring the current execution stage of every process. At any moment the executive can get information on currently active business processes: What stage is every copy of the process is at, which user is currently doing their job. This allows consistency of user’s actions, systemizes and increases transparency of business processes.


More details
  • Allows to generate the range based on segments (store parameters)- self size, location, etc.
  • Set of segments in the system binds to store formats. Formats, in turn, bind to the specific store.
  • Variants and property sets are unlimited, but due to the automation of the management process, range management is easy and effective.
More details
  • Pricing rules by brand, store format, product categories, competitive environment
  • Adjusting rules of the automated pricing: Pricing by MRP, оn competitors’ process, Markup on the buying price, Markup on net cost, Markup on current price, etc.
  • Creating price rounding rules
  • Control and coordination of pricing rules
  • Automatic calculation of the selling price based on chosen pricing strategy
  • Automated price and price tags changing for reevaluated products
  • Parallel regular and promo pricing
More details
  • Studying customers. Questionnaires for customers and employees. An option to issue discount card to the customers for finishing the questioner.
  • Planning of marketing events
  • Forming budget for marketing events
  • Marketing promotions effectivity analysis
  • Competitors’ price dynamics control and comparison with own prices
  • Competitor list for every store
  • Mechanisms gathering suggestions for product range expansion

More details
  • Cost of the finished products, replenishment of production’s warehouses
  • Creation of production’s technological maps
  • Planning and production of new products
  • Production calculation. Calculation of physical and chemical indicators of the own produced products based on formulas set by users
  • Calculation of required number of ingredients
  • Control of the production of finished products
  • Factual plan analysis
More details
  • Centralized relationships with suppliers – machinations defence
  • Accounting of mutual settlements in incision: contracts, by expenses, by the quality of storage conditions, with accountable personnel, by commission
  • Payment for products: by prepayment, as products are realized, with payment delays
  • Automated settlements of arrears and prepayments
  • Registration and management of imports
More details
  • Consolidated management reports for financial resources
  • Formation of individual cash flow sets
  • Records of factual operations and cash flow by cost center
  • Accounting and planning in the incision of company’s balance
  • Forecast of cash flow gaps
  • Planning of financial movements for different scenarios
  • Automation of main financial stages of budgeting
  • Expenses budget control

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