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Retano SCM

Ensuring continuous stock availability on store shelves is a crucial task in the retail business. It requires striking a balance between maintaining optimal stock levels and managing logistics costs efficiently.

Retano Supply Chain Management

  • Retano SCM is a SaaS-based solution leveraging BigData&AI for automated supply chain management in retail.
  • Suitable for retailers of any size, format, and product range seeking rapid improvement in supply chain quality.
  • Minimal initial investment required to activate Retano SCM subscription.
  • No additional hardware or server infrastructure needed.
  • Compatible with any ERP solution used by retailers.
  • Seamless integration without requiring changes to merchandising, store management systems, or WMS.

Experience the power of supply chain analysis with our system, a robust decision support tool. It conducts a comprehensive assessment of the impact of supplier service levels and safety stock balances throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, it aids in researching trends and identifying correlations to identify the most optimal replenishment options.

Benefit from optimized demand forecasting through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence. Our system intelligently selects the most effective forecasting method and determines the optimal parameters specific to each product, ensuring accurate predictions.

Streamline your ordering process and minimize manual corrections with automated ordering. Our system calculates replenishment quantities based on sales forecasts, demand variability, and takes into account all relevant supply chain constraints. This ensures efficient inventory management while reducing the need for manual intervention.

Introduce commercially valuable products into your range and mitigate the issue of inconsistent product availability on shelves. This inconsistency often results in lost sales and reduced replenishment volumes, particularly for products with limited shelf life. Without intervention, this pattern can lead to the gradual disappearance of these products from the range altogether. By implementing Retano SCM, you can effectively reduce lost sales by addressing product availability issues and maintaining a consistent supply on store shelves.

The impact of customers not finding products on shelves cannot be underestimated, as it may result in irreversible loss of customers to competitors. This damage can be significant for retailers. Retano SCM is specifically designed to prevent such scenarios by ensuring consistent product availability, thereby retaining customers and mitigating the risk of customer attrition to competitors.

Stock optimization

Decrease in logistics costs

Decrease in amount and labor intensity of manual corrections

Retano SCM features

1 Forecasting based on demand, not sales

  • Retano SCM excels in providing accurate demand forecasts by leveraging clean sales statistics. It takes into account various factors such as out-of-stock situations, sales anomalies, promotional activities, seasonal variations, and holidays.
  • The system incorporates advanced forecasting methods developed by esteemed mathematicians, which are widely adopted by leading retailers for accurate predictions across diverse product categories.
  • Retano SCM’s forecasting mechanisms are specifically tailored to address the unique characteristics of the retail industry. They possess the capability to detect trends and seasonality patterns, even for products with infrequent sales or limited sales history based on aggregated data at different hierarchy levels.
  • To minimize manual effort, the system automatically selects the most suitable forecasting algorithms, reducing labor-intensive tasks for retailers.

2Specialized tools tailored for retail businesses, harnessing the potential of Big Data

Artificial intelligence autonomously selects the most optimal replenishment method

We employ specialized methods capable of calculating the optimal safety stock for replenishing different product groups. These methods ensure efficient inventory management and enhance the accuracy of stock replenishment decisions.

Our system maximizes the advantages of retailers with one or more distribution centers in their supply chains

Our system optimizes product ordering for promotions by utilizing multiple waves and leveraging the distribution center as a buffer to mitigate forecast deviations across stores.

Comprehensive supply chain KPI analysis with “drill down” capability

Our system allows for real-time adjustment of replenishment parameters within the same interface during analysis.

3Big Data-driven Supply Chain Analysis

Analyzing vast and diverse datasets is essential for making critical decisions related to inventory, availability, and optimizing the supply chain. By harnessing the power of data analysis, valuable insights are derived to drive informed decision-making and enhance supply chain operations.

Big Data analytics offers numerous benefits for supply chain management, including:

  • Real-time transparency of logistics processes, enabling better visibility and control over operations;
  • Formation of a lean supply chain, optimizing efficiency and reducing waste;
  • Improvements in customer and supplier satisfaction through enhanced responsiveness and communication;
  • Effective relationships with suppliers, facilitating collaboration and streamlined operations;
  • Enhanced understanding of product performance, leading to optimized product ranges and decreased waste;
  • Implementation of a unified and modern communications system for efficient operational decision-making.

By harnessing the power of Big Data analytics, companies can gain valuable insights and leverage them to drive continuous improvements in their supply chain operations.


Our solution is built on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which allows for seamless integration with other systems. This facilitates efficient data exchange, enabling smooth communication and collaboration between different systems.

Our SOA prioritizes simplicity and security, ensuring quick and secure data transfer for enhanced system functionality and interoperability.

A typical SCM integration scenario


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