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Retano Loyalty & CRM

Retano Loyalty&CRM is a marketing tool designed to help retailers to find an effective personalized way to communicate with customers.

To ensure customer retention, effective management of customer relations is essential. The Loyalty Management System plays a pivotal role for retailers, irrespective of their industry or scale of operations.

Retano Loyalty&CRM empowers your company to achieve the following, leading to increased sales, profitability, and key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Creating compelling competitive offers
  • Nurturing a loyal customer base
  • Sustaining and growing sales volume with loyal customers
  • Encouraging regular customers to make larger purchases
  • Rewarding customers based on their level of engagement
  • Leveraging loyal customers to promote your products and services
  • Attracting new customers to expand your customer base
  • Generating personalized offers tailored to individual customers


  • Creation of loyalty and reward programs of any complexity: promotions, discounts, bonuses, scores, and points.
  • Utilization of coupons, clubcard prices, and other effective methods to attract and retain customers.
  • Personalized offers based on advanced techniques such as automated customer segmentation, cohort analysis, customer basket analysis, RFM-analysis, and behavioral customer attributes.
  • A customer notification system that leverages multiple channels such as POS terminals, SMS, email, and mobile apps to engage with customers.
  • Seamless offline store operations while maintaining full discounting functionality.
  • A high-performing and stable system that ensures reliability and efficiency.

Managing Customer Loyalty

Retano Loyalty&CRM empowers retailers to efficiently manage customer relations. The system provides retailers with the capability to implement programs of any complexity and scope. With Retano, customer rewards programs can incorporate a range of features, including bonus accumulations, limited discounts, and simultaneous accumulation schemes.


With Retano Loyalty&CRM, retailers can ensure timely notifications of upcoming events to every client. The system enables seamless communication with customers through targeted emails, SMS, push notifications in the mobile app, and more. The Retano Loyalty&CRM system offers extensive options to customize offers for specific customer groups. These offers can be personalized to create a tailored experience, and their creation is a swift process as they are targeted at specific customer segments.

Big Data, AI & predictive analysis

To maintain the high quality of omnichannel retail, it is crucial for retailers to keep their client databases up to date. This requires processing large volumes of complex structured data related to clients and company operations.

The Retano BigData&AI system extends the possibilities of loyalty management. This solution equips retailers with valuable insights obtained through machine learning techniques applied to big data.

By processing vast amounts of data, AI algorithms within the Retano BigData&AI system generate comprehensive customer profiles. This enables retailers to gain deep insights into customer desires and preferences, as well as forecast market trends for informed loyalty management decisions. Creating a positive interaction experience between retailers and customers enhances customer loyalty, brand recognition, and offer conversion rates.

Retano BigData&AI offers various methods for client base segmentation, analysis of reward programs, and effective communication with customers. The system’s AI capabilities identify product associations, customer preferences, predict customer churn, and assist retailers in examining the customer life cycle.

 Retano BigData&AI has the capability to handle and process terabytes of data efficiently. Regardless of the data volume, the system ensures speedy data visualization, providing insights in a matter of seconds. 


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