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Retano Loyalty & CRM

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Retano Loyalty&CRM is a marketing tool designed to help retailers to find an effective personalized way to communicate with customers.

It is necessary to manage relations with the customers to make sure they keep coming back. The Loyalty Management System is crucial for any retailer, regardless of line of business or size.

Retano Loyalty&CRM allows to increase sales and profit as well as key performance indicators of the company through:

  • Generating competitive offers
  • Maintaining regular customer base
  • Maintaining and increasing sales volume through regular customers
  • Stimulating regular customers to make larger purchases
  • Rewarding customers based on the level of activity.
  • Promoting products and services through regular customers
  • Attracting new customers
  • Generating personal offers for customer


  • Generation of loyalty and reward programmes of any complexity: promo, discounts, rebates, bonuses, scores or points limit.
  • Coupons, clubcard prices and other means to attract customers.
  • Personalized offers based on automated customer segmentation, cohort analysis, customer basket analysis, RFM-analysis and behavioural customer attributes.
  • Customer notification system (POS terminal, SMS, e-mail, mobile app).
  • Ability to operate stores offline, while preserving full discounting functionality.
  • High performance and stable system operation.

Managing Customer Loyalty

Retano Loyalty&CRM allows retailers to manage customer relations efficiently. The system empowers retailers to implement programs of any complexity and range. Customer rewards programs can contain bonus accumulations, limit discounts, bonus limits, and accumulation schemes working simultaneously. 


Every client must be notified about upcoming events in time. With Retano Loyalty&CRM retailer can always stay in touch with customers through targeted Emails, SMS or PUSH notifications in mobile app, etc. Retano Loyalty&CRM possesses vast options to tune offers for specific customer groups. Offers can be tuned to feel personal, and creation of such offers doesn’t take long as they are targeted at customer groups. 

Big Data, AI & predictive analysis

To ensure the high quality of omnichannel trade retailers need to maintain that their client data is continuous and full. That’s why retailers have to process large quantities of clients and company operations data with complex structure.

Retano BigData&AI is the system expanding loyalty management options. The solution provides retailers with knowledge acquired through machine learning based on big data.

Working with a lot of data, AI algorithms create encompassing customer profiles. This allows retailers to understand customers’ wants and needs, and forecast market tendencies to make informed loyalty management decisions. Positive interaction experience between retailers and customers increases customer loyalty, brand recognition, and conversion of offers.

Retano BigData&AI provides access to a number of ways for client base segmentation, reward programs analysis, and communications with customers. System’s AI identifies product associations, customer preferences, forecasts churn and helps retailers to examine customers’ life cycle.

 Retano BigData&AI is capable of processing terabytes of data. Visualization of data takes seconds regardless of the amount of data.  

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