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Retano TMS

Retano TMS optimizes operations, reduces logistic costs, and improves delivery KPIs.

It is suitable for companies of all sizes and formats in retail, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics industries.


Improve delivery planning

Retano TMS splits the delivery area into zones, evaluates vehicle loads and delivery priorities, and assigns the most suitable transport for each zone, as well as the drivers with the appropriate qualifications.

Then, it constructs optimal routes by considering factors such as delivery times and windows, speed, and traffic jams.

The system automatically generates the required documents, including a route list and loading list. 

Logistics operators do not need to manually transfer route sheets to drivers. The sequences of delivery points are uploaded directly into the vehicles’ navigation devices.

Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking

The real time satellite tracking integrated into the system monitors traffic, and records the vehicles’ arrival to their destinations. The system also notifies the operators about possible delays and emergency situations.

Delivery cost calculation

The Retano TMS provides transportation department operators with the tools they need to automatically calculate trip costs.

If the company uses the services of rented vehicles, tariffing statistics allows you to evaluate the cost of delivery, the level of supplier service and the profitability of the services provided.

Vehicle fleet management

With Retano TMS the operator is able to plan maintenance and repair, analyze performed maintenance, as well as control the terms of insurance. He can also take into account the spare parts and costs for each vehicle.

The vehicles scheduled for maintenance and repair automatically stop being available for planning.

Motivation system

The Retano TMS improves the discipline among drivers and the efficiency of their work.

Automated tools accurately and transparently calculate drivers’ earnings, based on the number of tasks completed, creating a clear motivation system for employees.


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