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Artificial intelligence
for Retail

Extensive retail expertise

Our team’s firsthand industry experience enables us to possess an in-depth understanding of the operational principles of various retail segments, including food retail, harlines, DIY, drogerie, pharmacy, and more. This expertise empowers us to provide tailored solutions and insights specific to your industry, ensuring your success in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Cutting-edge and highly innovative industry-specific End-To-End solutions

RETANO Solutions invest hundreds of thousands man-hours each year in the enhancement of their functional capabilities through development efforts.

A technology for project execution that has been proven and highly effective

The implementation technology considers the unique requirements of retailers with various formats and sizes. This ensures the efficient and rapid automation of processes for both emerging, expanding chains, as well as established regional or national retail leaders.

Retano Digital Ecosystem

Ready-to-implement strategy for the development of IT services tailored to retailers

RETANO solutions incorporate built-in mechanisms for seamless integration with all major information systems and services.

Our implementation technology follows a phased approach to automation, enabling retailers to expand the capabilities of their digital ecosystem with minimal costs.

Retano SCM

Demand forecasting and replenishment  based on AI technology.

Enhance the efficiency of supply chains, even for intricate product categories, encompassing seasonal and fresh items as well as new and promoted goods.

This includes enhancing product availability, minimizing waste, optimizing inventory management, and reducing the labor-intensive nature of ordering operations.

Retano Shelfspace

Maximize the quality of planogram execution and boost communication efficiency between your stores and headquarters with our cutting-edge management solutions.

Streamline your operations, ensure consistent visual merchandising, and strengthen collaboration across your entire retail network.

Experience seamless planogram execution and elevate your business performance with our innovative tools.

Optimize the value of every shelf in your store by implementing automatically generated planograms, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Retano Shelfspace utilizes intelligent algorithms to create well-balanced planograms that emphasize both profit generation and customer traffic. This solution highlights the advantages of your product range, showcasing profitable items and facilitating easy product discovery for customers.

Retano Loyalty&CRM

Unlock the power of personalized rewards, effective customer communication, targeted marketing, and exclusive offers.

Our comprehensive solutions enable you to build strong customer relationships, drive engagement, and deliver tailored experiences that keep your customers coming back for more. Discover the art of targeted marketing and create personalized offers that resonate with your audience, maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Drive sales growth by attracting new clients and increasing customer loyalty through meticulously crafted and transparent reward programs.

Gain valuable insights into customers’ needs, preferences, and purchasing behaviors to personalize their shopping experience effectively.

Retano ERP

Manage, control, and perform of merchandising activities

A tailor-made automation solution for retail management designed specifically for Grocery, FMCG, Droggery, DIY, and Household retailers of all scales.

Embrace eco-friendliness with Retano. We believe that sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand, and automation is a powerful driver of efficiency. Our retail automation solutions are designed to optimize business processes, helping you reduce unnecessary emissions throughout your stores and supply chain. By deploying Retano solutions as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can significantly decrease power consumption at the individual user level, making your business more environmentally friendly.


New Collaboration between Retano and MEGO

We are honored to be chosen as MEGO’s partner for the customer loyalty management enhancement project. MEGO, a leading locally-owned retailer in Latvia, operates more than 90 stores nationwide, serving over 100,000 customers daily. Stay tuned for more updates.

Collaboration between Retano and the Digital Innovation in Retail Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano

We are thrilled to announce the start of our collaboration with the Digital Innovation in Retail Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano. The Digital Innovation in Retail Observatory analyzes the key digital innovations that can reshape retailer processes, aiming to share knowledge and promote awareness of digitalization opportunities in retail. We believe that our expertise… Read More »Collaboration between Retano and the Digital Innovation in Retail Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano

Italian GeD launches the Loyalty System transformation project with Retano

GeD Shopping, a distinguished Sicilian retailer (Italy) boasting 40 stores across the province of Palermo, has chosen the integrated Retano Loyalty platform to digitize its loyalty management system. This advanced solution includes a specialized mobile application and leverages the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis. This innovative step signifies a substantial advancement for… Read More »Italian GeD launches the Loyalty System transformation project with Retano

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