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Artificial intelligence
for Retail

Profound experience in retail business processes

Knowing industry from the inside allows our team to have a deep understanding of retail merchandise operation principles of various industry segments: food retail, drogerie, DIY, pharmacy, etc.

The most modern innovative industry solutions

More than 100 thousand man-hours of development are annually invested into the development of RETANO systems’ functional capabilities.

Proven and effective technology of project execution

Implementation technology takes into account specifics of retailers of different formats and sizes. This allows to quickly and successfully automatize processes of both, young, growing chains, and regional or federal retail leaders.

Retano SCM

Demand forecasting and replenishment  based on AI technology.

Rase the efficiency of supply chains for even the hardest product categories – from seasonal and fresh products, to new and promoted.

Improve product availability, reduce waste, optimize stock, and decrease labor intensity of ordering operations.

Retano Shelfspace

Management of planogram execution quality, increasing the efficiency of the communication between store and HQ

Get the maximum value from every shelf in the store, using optimal planograms automatically generated by the system.

With smart algorithms Retano Shelfspace creates a balanced planogram of margin and traffic generators. This spotlights advantages of the product range, highlighting profitable products and helping the customers to find what they need easily.

Retano Loyalty&CRM

Reward programs, customer communication, targeting, and personal offers.

Stimulate sales with the inflow of new clients and raise the number of regular customers with carefully designed and clear reward programs.

Learn customer’s needs, preferences and buying patterns to personalize their shopping experience.

Retano ERP

Manage, control, and perform of merchandising activities

Industry-specific solution for retail management automation suitable for Grocery, FMCG, Droggery, DIY, and Household retailers of any size.

Out of the box ready strategy of retailer’s IT services development

RETANO solutions have embedded mechanisms of fast integration with all popular information systems and services. 

Implementation technology is oriented toward a phased approach to automatization. This allows the retailer to expand possibilities of their digital ecosystem with minimal expenditures through out of the box ready IT services and products. 

Be eco-friendly with Retano. Sustainability is efficiency, and nothing drives efficiency more than automation. Our solutions for retail automation optimize business processes, allowing you to cut unnecessary emissions produced by stores and the entirety of the supply chain. Retano solutions can be deployed as SaaS, which provides a major decrease in power consumption for the individual user, making your business grinner.

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Benefits of AI based automated ordering

Most demanded products generate up to 80% of the retail chain’s revenue. These products must always be present on shelves. Even one hour of product’s absence from the shelf leads to lost sales. Systematic Out-of-stock distorts sales statistics and leads to more errors in orders.   That may lead to the gradual outflow of demanded… Read More »Benefits of AI based automated ordering