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Blog > Makro chose Retano Loyalty&CRM

Makro chose Retano Loyalty&CRM

    Makro is a prominent player in Uzbekistan’s retail market, with over 60 stores. Facing increased competition, Makro launched a project to transition to a new loyalty management system. Retano Loyalty&CRM is a platform designed to enhance customer relationships and improve the effectiveness of loyalty programs.

    Retano Loyalty&CRM offers features based on best loyalty practices, enabling retailers to create various loyalty programs, including bonus points, tiered discounts, and gift certificates. Makro’s new loyalty program provides cashback to regular customers, varying with purchase amounts. The platform’s flexibility allows for easy configuration of terms and restrictions, saving the retailer time and resources.

    Retano Loyalty&CRM platform also includes personalized communication tools to keep customers informed about special offers and promotions, as well as analytics to make informed decisions on the effectiveness of initiatives and necessary adjustments.

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