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Blog > New loyalty management solution for Kazakh “GraMaD”

New loyalty management solution for Kazakh “GraMaD”

    GraMaD is a Kazakh fast growing retailer established in 2019. To the current date, the retailer has 16 hypermarkets in the city of Shymkent.

    While just a few years ago, customers only needed to find a wide range of goods at attractive prices in store, today they want to receive more personalized promotions, additional bonuses and discounts for their purchases. GraMaD solved this problem with the Retano Loyalty&CRM customer loyalty management system.

    Retano Loyalty&CRM helps you set up effective reward programs

    To create an effective loyalty program, GraMaD needed tools to manage and analyze the activity of customers, so the choice in favor of the Retano solution was primarily justified by its wide functional capabilities.

    In order to stimulate customers and maintain the correct customer data, the system allows to create several reward mechanics, based on the results of a comprehensive analysis of the customer, sales activity indicators, customer preferences and combination of goods.  For example, accrual programs, coupons and promotional codes, individual offers and special discounts for a specific event. Retailers are able to attract new and keep regular customers, find a personal approach to the client, and consequently increase sales and purchasing activity.

    With the mobile application, the client is always in touch!

    Attracting new customers is one of the hardest and expensive processes, so retailers that have and develop their own mobile applications are one step ahead of their competitors. According to the latest research, the average adult user spends more than 4 hours on a mobile phone every day.

    That is why “GraMaD” is launching its own mobile application in April 2023. In this way the customer will always be in touch with the retailer. You can send him a personal offer with a discount, inform about current promos, invite to choose his favorite product categories or tell him about new events and rewards.

    Retano Loyalty&CRM evaluates and tracks business KPIs

    The loyalty management system provides a variety of tools for complete business analytics. Retailers can analyze a wide range of indicators: the impact of loyalty programs on the main KPIs, the effectiveness of a specific reward program and products participating in the promo, the communication performance through various channels.

    For “GraMaD” the implementation of the Loyalty management system Retano Loyalty&CRM is a new stage in the creation of the Digital Ecosystem, which contributes to the optimization of retail business processes.Since 2019, foundation date of the company, “GraMaD” successfully has been using the Retano ERP solution for automating retail management. It optimizes assortment planning, pricing, inventory management, production and supplier relationships.

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