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Automation of the dark store of the SMALL

    Changes in consumer demand and intensification of the competitors were significant challenges for FMCG retailers even before the period of global economic agitation. Year after year, digital transformation becomes an increasingly remarkable factor of competitiveness. Omnichannel plays a key role in the cooperation between the retailer and the customer; nowadays, we are used to shopping without discontinuing current affairs, in any moment of the day, staying home.

    On June 6th, 2022, SMALL opened the online store, in which it’s possible to buy housewares, cosmetics and pet food..

    [SMALL & SKIF is the second largest FMCG retailer of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As of the current date, the retailer includes more than 100 supermarkets and discounters, which serve more than 4 million customers every month]

    In order to make customer satisfied with their own shopping experience, it is important not only to make a practical online storefront, but also to properly arrange the processes of stock distribution and order processing by the dark store. To solve this task, the SMALL has implemented a suite of Retano software solutions. With the support of the Retano team the project was accomplished in 8 months.

    Solution with ready End-to-End processes

    The solution for managing e-commerce Retano E-commerce is responsible for the automation of the order processing. The system checks warehouse stocks online, monitors all transactions and provides information on every step of order processing, from checkout on the website and payment, to receiving of the items by the customer.

    Retano E-commerce is a ready industry solution for the management of goods turnover in an online store. It provides with all the necessary tools for managing operating activities: assortment, stock and pricing control loops, a subsystem for managing the relationships with the suppliers, automated work with import products certificates, advertising campaigns, as well as a fully- featured analytical and reporting unit. Documents forms are adapted to the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the work with the Virtual warehouse “IS ESF” is supported.

    Efficient logistics gets you a step closer to a quality Customer Experience

    Supplying with a high level of customer service is possible when orders are constantly collected on time and without errors. The Retano WMS warehouse automation suite manages the processes of receiving and placing goods, warehousing, stock-taking, equipment and shipment of the orders, and also analyzes operability.

    To organize an efficient picking, Retano WMS settles storage locations of goods based on the velocity analysis, takes into account batches, expiry dates, and collects orders taking into account the loading priority. The system creates the best possible detour routes, independently distributes tasks among the warehouse workers, and through the TSD interface suggests them where and which items they have to pick up and transfer in a given period of time. In the system all the warehousing operations quantitative parameters of every single worker are recorded and this allows the use of these data in the calculations of motivational schemes.

    In future

    SMALL is one of the most mature retailers in Kazakhstan, and pays much attention to raising competence in perspective technologies. In the next phase of the project, the launch of demand forecasting and automatic order subsystem is planned, in which AI/ML technologies are largely applied to optimize the supply chain.

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