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Blog > How to reduce labor costs in planogram creation for large and medium-sized Retailers: Experience of SPAR (Eastern Europe) with Retano Shelfspace

How to reduce labor costs in planogram creation for large and medium-sized Retailers: Experience of SPAR (Eastern Europe) with Retano Shelfspace

    The effective management of store layout is one of the most complex and costly processes. Therefore, a retailer operating under the SPAR brand in one of the Eastern European countries (with over 500 stores and a turnover of €1.5 billion) has opted to implement the Retano Shelfspace management system. As a major market player, continuously expanding its chain, the retailer sought a solution to streamline labor costs in crafting effective planograms across various store formats. Key considerations in selecting the system encompassed its comprehensive functionality, superior performance, and swift implementation.

    The pilot implementation of Retano Shelfspace at SPAR focused on the juice and water categories across 50 stores of the retailer. The company management was pleased with the results: a significant reduction in workload for staff managing store displays and creating planograms. Following this success, the system was expanded to cover all other product categories. Presently, planograms are generated for all store fixtures and assortments, with the exception of the hot food section, fruits, and vegetables.

    Implementation Results

    Retano Shelfspace simplifies the planogram creation process and enables centralized management of store shelf space

    The implementation of Retano Shelfspace has provided SPAR with convenient functionality, significantly reducing the workload of the merchandising department. For example, the retailer has established automatic store mapping to formats, allowing planograms to be generated automatically based on clusters rather than individual stores. Additionally, when the same product category is displayed on different shelves, Retano Shelfspace allows for the duplication of previously created planograms, eliminating the need to start anew and enabling necessary adjustments to be made efficiently.

    Retano Shelfspace contributes to improving category profitability

    Through its built-in analytics, SPAR continuously evaluates sales performance, identifying both high-performing and underperforming areas within the store. This data informs category rotation on store fixtures. Furthermore, Retano Shelfspace enables tracking of low-demand items, facilitating the reduction of underperforming products and improving the quality of assortment rotation.

    Retano Shelfspace enhances the precision of orders to suppliers

    SPAR seamlessly transfers planogram data from Retano Shelfspace to the replenishment system, ensuring precise calculation of minimum safety stock levels and significantly improving product availability on shelves.

    The web portal and mobile application of Retano Shelfspace facilitate communication between the central office and stores

    This convenient and user-friendly communication tool enables online assignment and monitoring of tasks related to store space optimization, ensuring the accuracy of product placement.

    The store space management system is an integral component of the Retano Digital Ecosystem, offering a modular, step-by-step approach to digital business transformation. This enables retailers to integrate new systems seamlessly without disrupting existing operations. Retano solutions eliminate the need for purchasing server hardware and seamlessly integrate with any ERP system used by the retailer.

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